C’est La B

C’est la B, founded by
Bonnae Gokson,

If you’re craving premium cakes and a slice of Hong Kong’s casual dining scene, then look no further than C’est La B. Founded by Bonnae Gokson, one of Hong Kong’s leading celebrity style icons and taste-makers, the cafe-bar is a spin-off of Ms B’s CAKERY.

C’est La B serves flavoursome light meals alongside a magnificent array of sumptuous confectioneries from Ms B’s CAKERY. Every visit to C’est La B is a treat, whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or craving a savoury bite.

A play on words combining the French phrase ‘C’est La Vie’ and Bonnae’s name, C’est La B is a chic space reflecting the style of its founder. Bonnae is a fashion maven, hospitality entrepreneur and award-winning book author in one. Her fanciful cakes have gained her the title of Hong Kong’s Queen of Confectionery and is recognised as one of the world’s best patissiers.

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Walk into C’est La B and you’ll immediately be drawn to the beautiful multi-tiered whimsical creations. The stunning edible works of art show off Bonnae’s inimitable style as well as impeccable taste. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting before, opt for a selection of bite-sized tasters including the sunshine that offers lemon and poppy seed chiffon cake filled with lemon curd, fresh cream and a delicate sugar poppy flower.

Other sweet treats including tempting dessert cups including panna cotta and fairy dust crunch that pairs vanilla panna cotta with biscotti ‘dust’ and caramel crunch or the moonstruck’d with mango mousse, pomelo chunks and fresh cream. A range of sugar-free and gluten-free treats are also available for a less guilty indulgence.

With unique combinations of flavour and texture, Bonnae’s innovative creations taste every bit as good as they look – both C’est La B and Ms B’s CAKERY are renowned throughout Hong Kong for their stunning sugar art.

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For a true dining experience, work your way down the unique three-tiered afternoon tea set. Sample savoury bites, select signature cakes, rolled finger sandwiches and more. Chase it down with a selection from the range of specialty beverages on offer including the popular green tea latte or the spectacular pink sakura latte.

Meanwhile, savoury options have you covered at any time of day. There are all-day breakfast offerings, filling and delicious pot pies and the ever popular bento boxes. The Gangnam box comes with Korean short ribs with spring onion and vegetable fried rice and is served alongside a green salad and jiaozi dumplings.

The interior has been designed by Bonnae with just as much as her fanciful cakes. From the black and white striped stone floor to the butterflies that flutter up the walls, all design elements lend a magical atmosphere to the space.

With stylish decor and a tempting menu of sweet and savoury bites it’s no wonder that C’est La B is a popular space for luxury brand launches, bridal showers and otherfun gatherings.

Whatever the occasion, this chic café is worth a stop – whether you’re digging into delightful confectioneries or savouring an afternoon tea session with your best girlfriend, there’s no better place in town to celebrate the sweeter things in life.

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