Red Velvet with pineapple smothered with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting & ‘hundreds & thousands’ sugar graffiti.


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Ms B’s Sugarart
We take a lot of pride, time and effort to be the first in Hong Kong to create sugarart on cakes. Our handcrafted sugarart are all made of pure sugar and spring water together with FDA edible approvals. Please note that a lot of our clients love to collect our sugar flowers for keep sakes;  and in which it does keep for a long time. Best that it is kept in a cool environment but not in refrigeration. However, should you choose to taste them, please note there will be wire stamen stems inside to connect our sugarart.


Size Price
4 Inches HK$520
6 Inches HK$750
8 Inches HK$1,250


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4 Inches, 6 Inches, 8 Inches